When We Go

by Trez

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"When We Go" is a song that blends Hip Hip and R&B which comes out a time in my life where I witnessed many people I know being hurt or even killed over mundane things like chains, shoes, cars, you name it. The song goes into detail on how we should not be so materialistic, because when we die we can't take any of those things with us. In a world where "what you have" has become more important than "who you are" this message is very important to me and is something I want to share with others in my generation.


Chorus: done had plenty money, had a lot of clothes/had my share of women but it don't matter tho/had a lot of friends most turned to foes but it don't matter tho//can't take it wit us when we go oo oo 2x//

Verse 1: nah you can't take it witcha/so don't worry bout the price and I ain't talking fisher/life is short like a baby's finger/and it's a cold world everyday is winter//all I see in this world is hate/and people only love you when yo roll got a bank//some wanna love but they can't so they just turn to that drank//some turn to violence and sex not knowing that's a mistake//and these rappers keep telling you to ball but how you gone ball when all you do is fall//struggling everyday tryna make ends meet/life ain't no tv it gets real up in these streets//and these people can't see they stevie wonder blind/they wanna live fast yet they running out of time/life is just a rewind going forward thru time/you only live once but what if that's a lie for real//

Verse 2: uh get rich or die trying/that's like saying to speak the truth start lying//money over this, money over that//but when you die money can't bring you back//some times we sit and worry bout the wrong things/the love of money leads to evil use yo knowledge mane//and I ain't tryna judge you just letting you know/you can gain the world but lose your soul//and that's real tho might as well put on a blindfold/cuz you can't see what's going on cuz you living yo life wit yo eyes closed//riding around and you getting it/don't forget about how you living/cuz life and money got something in common, be careful how you spend it//you can live how you wanna but at sometime you gotta grow up/fast life you think it's nice but what about when it's over//and I wrote this song just to let you know/you can't take none of it witcha when it's time to go//

Bridge: set your intentions to live above/cuz none of if matters if you ain't got love//cuz at the end of the day this money don't mean nothing, these cars don't mean nothing, these clothes don't mean nothing//cuz what really matters is where you end up//


released November 18, 2014
Written by Damontrez Bell

Executive Producer Hayden Coleman

Produced by Hayden Coleman, RJ Walker, Allen L Davies III, and Damontrez Bell
Recorded and Mixed by Allen L Davies III at AD3 Studios in Nashville, TN
Mastered by Luke Gilfeather at The Mastering Studio
Programming by Hayden Coleman

Live Instrumentation by Stank Machine
Stank Machine is:
Drums: RJ Walker
Bass: Zach Witcher
Keys and Trombone: Joshua Blaylock
Guitar: Nick DiMaria

Additional instrumentation:
Trumpet: Eli Hill
Tenor Sax: Braxton Nicholas

Vocal Production: Hayden Coleman, Damontrez Bell, and Allen L Davies III



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Trez Nashville, Tennessee

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